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Coach G Bio

George "Coach G" Morning's journey through addiction and recovery is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the grace of God. Despite being a third-generation witness to addiction, he never anticipated it would become his own struggle. Reflecting on memories from as early as 1987, he recalls the beginnings of his battles with porn, prescription narcotics, and alcohol.


For decades, Coach G lived in denial, trapped in a cycle of addiction that seemed normalized within his community. However, a growing awareness that his behaviors were far from "normal" sparked a desperate search for help.


Disheartened by therapists who couldn't relate to his experiences, he reached his breaking point when he lost everything - wife, kids, home, health, career, finances, respect, control, faith… EVERYTHING!


His journey towards recovery was marked by setbacks, however, through these trials, Coach G learned invaluable lessons about the non-linear nature of God, recovery and the importance of therapeutic and holistic healing.


Today, as a Sex Addiction Coach based in Central Florida, Coach G draws upon his spiritual growth, personal experiences and professional knowledge to guide others towards healing. Certified as both a Mindful Habit Coach and an Addiction Recovery Coach, he has empowered thousands of individuals to overcome their addictions and betrayal trauma.


In addition to his coaching work, Coach G is a published author, having penned "HabitLand: The Entry. The Residence. The Exodus" in 2018 and "The Dragon & The Phoenix" in 2023, both invaluable resources for those navigating the journey of recovery. Coach G is also a contributor  on the Eric “The Hip Hop Preacher” Thomas helmed “Prayer Warriors”, where he presents every Wednesday @ 9:15AM EST.


Hopefully, my story inspires yours, and together, let's journey from addiction to redemption while uncovering the transformative power of true recovery!

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