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What Is "Beyond HabitLand"?

The real question is "What is the best version of you and can you get beyond YOU to be it"?
HabitLand is the "get by" space. The place we go to without having to be our best. It's the place that keeps us from our real fears of failure, self-doubt, lack of control, and hidden traumas. 

HabitLand is where we found compulsive behaviors in pornography, alcohol, drugs, and any other thing we could find to keep us from our real fears.

HabitLand is where you begin your journey from Addiction to Redemption!



Embark on the journey from addiction to redemption with The RE-UP Coaching!

Experience Recovery without Relapse. Learn to Rebuild your Relationships, Restore your faith, Rejuvenate your body, Rewire your thinking, and Regain Real control of your life.

It’s all about the Rediscovery & Rebrand of the REAL YOU!

Who We Serve

I've worked with men who are doctors, IT professionals, government contractors, entrepreneurs, married, divorced, single, and more who came during their worst moments to discover the best version of themselves.

But you wanna know who I really work best with?


Badasses, Rebels, and Rulebreakers!


Men who can look in the mirror and get disgusted with what they see.


Men who can make the boldest decision of their lives and face their real fears and addictions head-on!


When I began my recovery from drug, sex & alcohol addiction, I thought because I had"wasted" every blessing God provided me, and more importantly I thought He was DONE with me...


I've never been more happy to be WRONG! I learned He is a God not just for forgiveness, but for the spiritually sick... AND THIS WAS ME!

If we're being real this is so many others, and in sharing my story and proven techniques I aim to show my listeners how their recovery is truly greater than anything they lost in their wilderness of spiritual sicknesses!

With scripture, humor, and a powerful approach, I empower individuals struggling with addictions to embark on a journey from Addiction to Redemption!


Real Talk About Recovery, Relapse, Relationships, Rebuilding Your Faith, Reestablishing Your Control & the Reinvention of the Best YOU!

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