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Coach G Bio

Dog Lover, Boston Celtics super fan, and father of 3; George “Coach G” Morning is a Porn Addiction Coach based out of Central Florida. Born in Washington DC and a graduate of Howard University, Coach G worked for 25+ years in social services and education before becoming a porn addiction coach.


After 20+ years as an addict - losing family, finances, and faith - Coach G sought recovery in 2013 with The Mindful Habit. Certified as a Mindful Habit Coach in 2015, along with becoming a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach in 2019, Coach G has helped over 1000+ men and women overcome their addictions and betrayal trauma; create healthier relationships; build their faith and live passionate lives through 1:1 and group coaching.


In 2018 Coach G authored HabitLand: The Entry. The Residence. The Exodus for porn addiction recovery. In 2023 he authored The Dragon & The Phoenix, a fictional ebook illustrating the damage and healing of the addict and their spouse. Both are available here and on Amazon! 

Coach G can be contacted by:


Phone/Text:  (443) 600-9169



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My Story

As someone who witnessed addiction first hand from my father and grandfather, I’m sure you can imagine that becoming a 3rd generation addict was not part of my plans.


But going back as far as 1987, I can remember my first porn video, my first prescription narcotic, and my first drink.


I spent the better part of the next 30+ years both oblivious and in denial of my porn, sex and drug addictions. 


It finally got to the point when I knew what I was doing was not “normal”. Sure everyone (at least everyone I was around) drinks, get high and either watches porn or has something extra on the side. Even though in my community sex became something we normalized and desensitized from; I knew it wasn’t supposed to be my normal. 


My days were filled with thoughts of fear of missing out, will I get my needs met, and covering my tracks; while my nights, instead of sleeping, I was up with anxiety, wondering if my partner would find out (and I get caught), how to continue my double life along with wondering how would she feel.


I’ll never forget my first few attempts at getting help. I went to three different therapists. In the first session of each I asked the same two questions:


“How long did it take you to stop?” 

“How long did it take for your wife to forgive you?”


Each one gave the exact same answer… “I never did that…” Needless to say they all ended after 3-5 sessions. I just couldn’t see spilling my shame, guilt, fears and fuck ups to someone who had no idea what I was going through! After all, this wasn’t just me on the line, it was my money, career, wife and family! I was about to lose everything and I needed to speak with someone who had been there and back! 


After my wife left, I lost my home, and HIT ROCK BOTTOM, I took my last bit of money and found a coach who had been there and back. He was the first person I could be COMPLETELY transparent with about my addictions.


I learned and used the tools given to end my addictions to porn and drugs with direct coaching and accountability. I WAS FINALLY SOBER!!!


I stopped masturbating to images and porn. I stopped having random affairs. Stopped popping handfuls of pills followed by alcohol. And most importantly, I hoped to prevent another generation of addiction.


Yeah, I was sober, but I wasn’t in RECOVERY!


What's the difference?


I still felt… empty. Physically I was still losing my family. Financially I was still broke. My health was still shit. Spiritually I really felt like God was done with me. As if He was done giving me blessings. And I was okay with all of it. I felt like I deserved it. So I figured if I was done the least I could do was help others avoid being where I was! So I began coaching men suffering from porn and sex addiction along with their wives suffering from betrayal trauma.


And then in April of 2020 over what seemed like instant moments I crashed and burned and damn near lost everything… AGAIN! This time with alcohol. Until this point I had helped 100s of men and women heal from addictions and trauma to live their best lives, appeared on national TV, became an author, more present father and one year away from earning my Masters in Social Work. 


So what happened? 


Was Covid-19 to blame? Too stressed out from life? Doing too much and spread too thin? The answer was none of the above. The truth is I knew the steps about sobriety, but not recovery!


One of the greatest lessons I learned in recovery is that while it is a life long endeavor, the results are not linear! In a matter of 2 years I:

  • “Retired” from salaried jobs to fulfill my PASSION of coaching men and women full-time;

  • Found the best health of my life at the age of 44;

  • Made more MONEY than ever before; 

  • Helped more people in 2 years than I did in the previous 5;

  • Rediscovered HEALTHY love; 

  • Gained a new and greater understanding of my faith; 

  • Healed and rebuilt relationships with my father, mother, sister, and children;

  • Regained FREEDOM and CONTROL; and



If you’ve either found yourself in similar outcomes or desire similar results, set up your Discovery Call and let’s see what program best suits you!

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